Sugary SW--E--ET!~

)(ello t)(ere, my darling little subjects!~
I'm )(er Imperial Condescension, but I may give you permission to call me Condy, if you're lucky~
My trolltag is "saccharineTotalitarian", feel free to troll me sometime!~
I don't bite, so do come and speak to me, my nig)(ts of ruling can get awful boring wit)(out company~~
((This is an RP blog of a Trickster version of Her Imperial Condese, the empress from Homestuck. Her timeline's blog is located at cloyingalternia. Feel free to drop her an ask if you want to start an RP! I will assume online interaction unless you say otherwise, PLEASE TALK TO ME OOC IF YOU WANT AN IN PERSON INTERACTION. Icon credit to bliindiing.))
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